It's finally here! Mermay 2022!!!! Oh man I'm so so excited for this! I love drawing mermaids! 

So you guys might have noticed I try to find ways to serve the cosplay community in any way I can. I wanted to do something special for this event this year, and I also wanted to participate in mermay. So I combined the two! I decided to deeply discount my normal commission rate and offer you all the chance to get yourself drawn as a mermaid in 2022!


As a bonus, customers can even reserve the specific day or word prompt they would like to see me draw!

(NOTE* The prompt list has not yet been released. The listing will be updated with the words once the prompts are made available.) 

There is a catch though...I won't be able to take on everyone... because there are only 31 days in May!  

Free shipping for U.S. residents. My international friends will need to pay $17 for shipping.


In the unlikely event there is a day I don't have a cusomer order, I'll draw my own ideas and will post them for sale in my shop.  

Last thing. The person making the purchase must be 18 or older to participate ❤️❤️❤️

Mermay 2022