"Got it Memorized?" This watercolor original is for any kingdom hearts fan! Its filled with fun nods to the character and the games, and who can have a kingdom hearts character painting without a heart in there right? Art specs are below! Snag this handsome bad boy turned good today!


Watercolor on 140lb cold press.


All originals are signed, dated, and framed. Each shipment is packaged carefully for product safety.


The unboxing will be a joyfull and exciting experience! Each artwork is handwrapped and contains a handwritten note along with a few small surprises as a thank you! 

I would absolutely LOVE to see you unbox your art as well as where their final display home is! Feel free to tag me using the hashtag #ChelseaOStudio so I can give you a shoutout!!!

Lea Original

  • Medium-Watercolor
  • Size- 11X14 (without frame)
  • Surface- 140lb cold press watercolor paper